VITAS Advantage: Advanced Illness Specialists for Hospitals

Offering educational and clinical resources designed to help hospitals improve quality metrics and meet financial goals through improved prognostication and care coordination for advanced illness patients.
Is Your Patient Hospice-Eligible?

How VITAS Helps You

VITAS clinical staff and dedicated hospital representatives are extensively trained in fulfilling the care needs of advanced illness patients. By providing disease-specific education on end-of-life care, our advanced illness specialists help hospital staff improve prognostication through understanding the signs and symptoms that determine if a patient is hospice-eligible.

VITAS experts work with you to create an educational plan tailored to your hospital’s needs. By partnering with our advanced illness specialists, we can also help your staff understand how best to manage uncontrolled symptoms and lead goals-of-care conversations.

Hospital Quality Improvement Metrics

VITAS advanced illness specialists help to support your hospital’s goals of higher-quality care, reduced length of stay, decreased in-house mortality and increased patient satisfaction, by:

  • Rapidly responding to admissions via e-referral portals to ensure seamless care transitions and increased patient satisfaction
  • Collaborating to create individualized care plans that may incorporate multiple levels of care to meet the changing needs of the patient, ensuring the right care at right time
  • Seamlessly transitioning advanced illness patients to home-based care with 5-plus visits per week by our hospice interdisciplinary care team
  • Initiating ongoing advance care planning discussions

Hospital-Specific Data for Your Hospital

VITAS advanced illness specialists further support your hospital’s goal of improved care pathways through our partnership of care meetings where we review data that identifies strengths, trends, and opportunities for quality improvement at your hospital.