Patty Husted

Executive Vice President of Operations

Patty Husted is executive vice president of VITAS Healthcare, the nation’s leading provider of end-of-life care. She brings to her role more than 30 years of experience in hospice nursing, clinical and patient services, and operations and management.

Patty Husted

In her current role, Patty oversees operations of all VITAS programs in Florida and Georgia.

Patty joined VITAS in 1989 as a hospice nurse in an inpatient unit, and she has served in more than a dozen leadership roles throughout the company’s expansion into 12 additional states and the District of Columbia.

Before joining VITAS, Patty worked as an oncology nurse. From her initial experiences in hospice nursing, she moved into manager roles on VITAS home care teams, an outreach team, a pediatric care team, an inpatient unit, and as a patient care manager for VITAS in Broward County, Florida.

Patty also has served as national patient care administrator, director of patient services, director and vice president of clinical services, vice president of operations for VITAS in the Northeast, vice president of operations for Central/North Florida, senior vice president of operations, and in her current role as executive vice president for Florida and Georgia.

Throughout her career, she has served as a leader in identifying and addressing business opportunities, performing companywide quality assurance and regulatory compliance, and creating company policies and procedures that improve patient care.

Patty is a board member of the Florida Hospice & Palliative Care Association.